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Byterunner Managed Services

We support you in the carefree management of your IT & cloud systems, so that you can bundle your resources sensibly for your internal work steps. Our services include maintenance, operation and proactive support for on premises environments or cloud solutions.

Managed-Services – and IT runs
The optimal use of modern technologies is the basic prerequisite for economic success in the digital age. The full managed services from Byterunner act as a premium solution for ambitious companies and include an enormous range of different services.

As a competent IT service provider, we orientate ourselves to high demands and attach great importance to the specific requirements of our customers. The result is seamless overall concepts that enable you to take the processes and workflows in your company to a new level. We take on all the subtasks of a high-performance IT infrastructure for you and thus create the ideal framework conditions for maximum success.

Discover our diverse service components now and decide to cooperate with Byterunner!

Keeping an eye on all systems with network monitoring from PRTG

We proactively monitor your server systems, clients, other IT hardware and critical services 24/7. Instead of waiting for you to call for help, our automatic monitoring ensures that the byterunner administrators are alerted immediately in the event of IT problems. This allows us to take countermeasures quickly and reduce IT outages to a minimum.

The following services are included in our monitoring service

24/7: active monitoring of your system 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
Proactive: proactive and uncomplicated notification as soon as an error or system message arises.
Solution: If you have concluded a maintenance or support contract with us, we will resolve any errors that occur ourselves.
Secure: operation exclusively on our own servers in the TÜV-certified byterunner data center in Munich (DE)

Professional management of your clients

Today, no company can do without an IT infrastructure. Most companies have a whole network of PCs that are all connected to each other. Therefore, not only the secured activity of your servers is very important for the ongoing business operation, but also the functionality of your connected clients. In order for all these clients to run technically smoothly, the software of these devices must be regularly updated and maintained. Because here, too, the loss of time, money and work resources is high if there is a failure of the IT system. With our Managed Client service, we take on exactly this task of constantly monitoring and maintaining all your devices so that all clients in your network run smoothly at all times.

The following services are also included in our Managed Client Service

Security updates: We always keep the software of your clients up to date. We install all important security and function updates on a weekly basis.
Managed Antivirus: We regularly check your clients for the use of active antivirus scanners and ensure this.

Security and availability for your servers

The reliability of the server used in the network is crucial for the error-free running of processes and communication within your company. If this central element is susceptible to malfunctions in terms of hardware or software configurations, complete business operations can be brought to a standstill. As part of our “Managed Server” service, we ensure the smooth operation of your server by constantly monitoring and executing necessary updates. In this way, we proactively prevent errors and can close security gaps at an early stage before a failure occurs.

We would be happy to advise you on an individualized, reliable and, above all, secure support concept for your servers.

The following services are also included in our Managed Server Service

Security updates: We always keep the software of your servers up to date. We install all important security and function updates on a weekly basis.
Managed Antivirus: We regularly check your servers for the use of active antivirus scanners and ensure this.
Monitoring: Continuous, automated monitoring of servers and systems – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ensures the smooth operation of your IT: In the event of problems, you receive precise warnings by e-mail so that we can jointly take targeted countermeasures.

Reliable data protection

Reliable data protection and regulated backup management are essential for companies. Nowadays, data is one of the most important assets and is largely responsible for the success of companies. If there is an unplanned failure of the IT systems and thus a loss of data, in extreme cases work cannot continue, orders cannot be processed and deadlines cannot be met. Therefore, every company should attach great importance to a regular and, above all, reliable data backup.

In addition to troubleshooting, we also offer them the option for Cloud Backup as a Service within our Managed Services. The right one is the fundamental insurance for your company’s cloud-based data. Because the hard facts apply: Even in the cloud, data can be lost!

The following services are also included in our Managed Backup Service

Storage: We manage your existing backup system or provide storage solutions.
Recovery: We take care of data backups and restore data and systems in the event of damage.
Maximum data security: We back up your data in certified and highly secure data centers within Germany. This ensures protection against data loss and data theft at all times.
Individualized security concept: We create an individual data backup concept tailored to your needs, so that a quick recovery of your data is possible at any time.
Cost savings: We implement an optimal and cost-efficient backup solution for your company, so that you do not have to invest in your own backup environment.
Minimization of operational risks: We provide a reliable backup of your data, so that you can be sure that your data can be restored in case of an emergency.

The IT service contract for more planning security and transparency

You want to know that your IT is in good hands for the long term? Fischmann.IT is happy to be at your side as a strong partner when it comes to IT.

We focus on success through customer orientation. Our focus is on the benefit and project success of the customer. Our services and solutions can be used flexibly and are optimally adapted to your individual needs.

For continuous support of your IT, we recommend an IT service contract. Here, services can be defined individually and individual contingents and hourly rates can be agreed. This way, you can be sure that your systems are continuously supported and you can concentrate fully on your day-to-day business.

The following services are also included in our service contract

Support: German and English-speaking IT support with fixed response times
highest priority in support handling
Contact person: personal IT support by fixed contact person and thus shortening of training and problem resolution
Substitution: backup in availability by second system administrator
Contingent: complete support of the system environment and server technology with specific hourly contingents
Control: regular control of data backups, maintenance of the Active Directory, update and patch service for Microsoft operating systems as well as virus protection
Proactive: proactive instead of reactive (problems are avoided before they arise) and proactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring for servers and clients
Maintenance: software and hardware systems are kept stable and up-to-date

Do you have recurring tasks and tasks that you would like to place in professional hands? We will assist you strategically and in an executive capacity in determining your needs for Managed Services and will work out your individual scope of support with subsequent implementation. Benefit from our many years of experience in the area of Managed Services and contact us now.

Automate – Simplify – Save time, with byterunner!

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