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1999, IT IS IN A STATE OF TRANSFORMATION. Companies begin to virtualise their servers. Broadband access to the Internet becomes affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Software becomes a service. The first MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDERS take over IT operations for their customers. Out of university, three young students establish a company that does things differently from the very beginning: IN OTHER WORDS, ABOVE ALL, MORE PERSONAL.

The concept works. byterunner grows quickly because the company sees itself as a service provider that solves its customers’ problems on a PARTNERSHIP basis and WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY. Soon the team is running its customers’ IT in its OWN CORPORATE CENTRE.

2019, IT IS IN TRANSFORMATION AGAIN. Virtualisation has become CLOUD-COMPUTING. The cloud is enabling DIGITALISATION and a new INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: it can transform companies and business models, make cities smarter and change the way we live and work. The student start-up has become a company with 30 EMPLOYEES that continues to move fast. It no longer only implements IT projects in Germany, but also provides services for its customers in EUROPE and even in the USA.

“Today, we help our customers transform their IT and their businesses so they can sustain and deliver long-term competitive advantage,” says PATRICK PAVELIC, BYTERUNNER FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

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