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byterunner GmbH & Co KG
Koppstr. 18
81379 München

Tel +49 (89) 20001120
Mail info (at)

Byterunner Services d.o.o.
Slavonska av. 1b
10000 Zagreb

Tel. +385 1 6000 680
Mail contact (at)


byterunner HOTLINE
+49 (89) 200011920
+385 1 6000 600

your way to us

The location at Siemenswerke makes it very easy to get here by bus and train. You can take the S-Bahn (Siemenswerke stop) to the front door or the U-Bahn (Obersendling stop). This means that both Munich residents and commuters from the surrounding area can reach SoHo Munich quite easily. In our opinion, traveling by public transport is therefore the best choice for Munich.

By car, simply drive to the address Koppstr. 18 and you are practically already at byterunner. There are free parking spaces on the street and an underground parking garage is also available.

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