Cybersecurity or IT security

“… is the protection of computer systems from theft or damage inflicted to the hardware, software or stored data, and from disruption or diversion of the services they provide.”
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This is how byterunner protects its customers

byterunner protects the systems of its customers with holistic IT security solutions and services. They secure workstations and company peripheries (perimeters), the most frequent gateways for threats.

Our systems secure and monitor the traffic in the network and in the data center, identify malware and suspicious activities and initiate measures to eliminate them and to prevent damage or to limit or remedy damage that has been incurred.

Common threats


The Race

Learn how you can win the race against ransomware with byte-
A Proven Road To Better Security.

“your data is encrypted”, the nightmare for every user and the IT department. In exchange for payment of a ransom, usually in the form of bitcoins, those affected recover access to their data.

Ransomware is the bread and butter of well-organised cybercriminals. FOR 2019 alone, analysts at Cybersecurity Ventures predict WORLDWIDE DAMAGE OF 11.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Careless users, poorly protected data and patchy backups increase risk and magnify potential damage.

CISCO AMP, EMAIL SECURITY and UMBRELLA are byterunner’s signature tools in the war on ransomware. With these tools, we build the right RANSOMWARE PROTECTION for your organisation. With BYTERUNNER MANAGED DATAPROTECTION, we ensure that your data is reliably accessible in the event of an incident.



seconds a company falls victim to ransomware

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About GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation has regulated the protection of personal data in the EU since May 2018. You can find the full text of the law here.

The EUROPEAN DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR) has been in effect since May 2018. It governs the use of personal data.

“In order to comply with GDPR, it is important to create the technical prerequisites and, for example, to store personal data in encrypted form,” explains Patrick Pavelic. However, TECHNICAL PROVISIONS ALONE ARE NOT ENOUGH. “It is essential to embed DATA PROTECTION IN THE BUSINESS PROCESSES as well.”

Thanks to its COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO – from the endpoint to the data centre and the cloud – and its BUSINESS PROCESS KNOW-HOW, byterunner supports enterprises in meeting RELEVANT COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS.

of the total turnover
is the upper limit of the fine
for data protection violations

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Methods of attack

Together with the University of Portsmouth and the market research institute Ipsos MORI, the British government produces the “Cyber Security Breaches Survey” every year. You can download the survey here: Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

MOST OF ALL, cybercriminals target the end-user with their attacks. PHISHING is the fastest growing threat to corporate IT.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to distinguish between the WELL CRAFTED, PERFECTLY CRAFTED and PURPOSELY SENT e-mails of the cyber criminals and actual correspondence. Experts speak of SPEAR PHISHING in this context, because these attacks are PURPOSELY carried out and the attackers KNOW THEIR VICTIMS WELL.

Together with our partner Cisco, we have POWERFUL TOOLS that SHIELD your IT against phishing attacks and prevent dangerous emails with exploitive content from landing in your end users’ inboxes.

of all incidents are caused by phishing

Are you sure,..,
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