Datacenter Transformation

The Goal

„Enterprises must become more agile while controlling costs to stay competitive. Data center modernization and consolidation projects offer the opportunity to do both.“
Source: Gartner (

byterunner – IT for agile organisations

In all phases, from analysis of the initial status, through consultancy to the modernization of the data center infrastructure and IT operations, byterunner supports its customers with services, technologies and the expertise gained out of hundreds of successfully completed projects.

byterunner experts are highly skilled in cutting-edge technologies and understand IT operations and its custom organization. Furthermore, they are also your contact when it comes to business processes and operational aspects.

For our customers, we design high-performance, future-proof data center solutions that meet the business requirements and offer cost-effective operational efficiency.

Datacenter Modernization

Implementing advanced IT

Our partner Dell EMC has compiled a summary of what is crucial when it comes to upgrading your IT in the iBook Modernization.

The impetus to modernize the DATACENTER can be multifaceted, and does not have to be related to technology: The FEEDBACK OF THE HR DEPARTMENT that urgently needed administrators are not to be recruited in time due to market shortage. THE ADVICE OF THE IT DEPARTMENT that urgently needed applications are easier to obtain from the cloud. Or the COMPLAINTS from CONTROLLING about the data center as the culprit for the far too high electricity bill.

After all, classic data centers are unwieldy and not very efficient. Their maintenance requires a lot of manual effort. And they are power consumers.

With HYPER CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE, byterunner upgrades its customers’ data centers. VIRTUALISATION including storage and network infrastructure, automation and the use of cloud technology enables data centers that adapt flexibly to the needs of the company and are cost-effective to operate.

byterunner analyses your needs and develops the right DATACENTER for your business. Our IT experts support you not only from IMPLEMENTATION and MIGRATION to DEPLOYMENT, we also assist you in the DAILY OPERATION of your IT.


* Source: “Accelerating business agility with faster server refresh cycles”, IDC white paper, May 2017.

lower operating costs in three years*

This is how up-to-date your data centre is

Find out HOW PROGRESSIVE YOUR DATA CENTRE IS: We take a close look at your infrastructure and deliver our evaluation. FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.
Or contact one of our specialists DIRECTLY.

Agile IT-Organisation

Germany Digital 2019

Germany scores 17.68 out of a possible 25 points and thus ranks 6th out of 118 countries in the Digital Readiness Index by Gartner and Cisco..

It is only when the IT organization operates in an AGILE way that the modernization of an IT infrastructure can be a SUCCESS. Nevertheless, the stakeholders’ various positions – and concerns – are heterogeneous: Administrators concerned about their own employment, departments concerned that PROGRESS is NEVER FAST ENOUGH, and HEAVY COST PRESSURE.

If organized in the right way, the productivity of IT and specialist departments will increase. In tandem with modern IT, businesses can achieve significant cost synergies.

byterunner is a reliable partner in the area of THE RIGHT ORGANISATION OF IT OPERATIONS. We support our customers in overcoming the traditional work division and synchronizing specialist departments and IT.

Through our in-depth operational KNOW-HOW, our clients can also rely on us as an experienced partner when it comes to IT PLANNING and BUDGETING.


* Source: “Prerequisites for IT departments – key behaviors to drive IT transformation”, IDC white paper sponsored by Dell EMC, January 2017.

higher productivity of employees*

How up-to-date is your

data centre?

Find out whether YOUR DATA CENTRE is up to date: We take a close look at your infrastructure and provide you with an in depth assessment. FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.
Or contact one of our specialistsdirectly.


From Cloud first to Cloud if

The world is hybrid. Inspiration for the right cloud strategy in the – Moor Insight & Strategy Report (ZIP-Download).

Cloud polarizes. “Cloud first!” proclaim the progressives. “Our data in the cloud – never!” cry the sceptics.

” It is an individual matter”, is the conclusion of a report by the American firm Moor Insight & Strategy, and postulates the change FROM “CLOUD FIRST” TO “CLOUD IF”, that is if it fits the PURPOSE AND BUSINESS STRATEGY of the company.
IT DEXTERITY is about choosing THE RIGHT INFRASTRUCTURE for the individual WORKLOADS on which they run: On-Premises, hybrid or in the Cloud.

Consequently, Moor Insight & Strategy analysts argue, “Cloud is a tool, not a strategy.”

“THE WORLD IS HYBRID”, we at byterunner are confident of this.
For our customers, we DESIGN, implement and operate IT in the cloud, in our own data center or on-premises. Depending on which is THE most suitable solution for the requirements of the respective customer.


* Source: Bitkom, Juni 2018

of companies use Cloud*

Is your organization

Do you already use the cloud or are you planning to use it?: We analyze your requirements
and processes and give you our assessment. FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.
Or contact one of our specialists DIRECTLY.

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